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2016 Fall Registration Information

CHSA's 2016 Fall Registration will be opening soon (hopefully end of March).  Registration will be available online thru our website.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact us soon as we are beginning to form our interest list for Fall.

Looking ahead to Fall 2016

CHSA had an outstanding 2015 Fall Season with over 60 rec teams, 16 Signature teams and over 800 registered CHSA kids.  It was a great season for players, parents and families.

In looking ahead to 2016 we know that there are major changes to youth soccer which will impact every youth player, club, organization and league.  The USSF (US Soccer Federation) has been developing and planning a strategy to address the Long Term Athlete Development process within soccer in our country.  They have identified two areas that they are changing which they believe is for the best opportunities for players in the US.  These are 1. Age Group cutoff dates and 2.  Small-Sided Games and field/goal sizes for competition.  These changes will align USSF youth with the standards and practices seen within FIFA and around the world in the majority of major soccer countries. It is the hope of USSF that these changes will create an environment where players will rise to the world class standard of soccer and thus result in a better opportunity for the US to win a World Cup.

USSF has initiated the process of mandating these changes for any soccer organization that is a member of an affiliated league or state association.  This includes CHSA as we are members of both Calsouth, the official state governing body of soccer as sanctioned by USSF which allows us to run our own recreational leagues, and the Coast Soccer League which is a league also sanctioned by Calsouth in which our Canyon FC Club teams play.

The first change that will take place in 2016 will be the change in age groups.  Currently the age cutoff for all players is August 1.  This will be changed to January 1.

What this means: Players will be registered within their year of birth for the 2016 Fall season.  See attached chart to see what age group players will compete in for the 2016 Fall season.  Also, see US Youth Soccer FAQ attached for further info on why these changes have been made.

2016 CHSA AGM Meeting

The CHSA AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held February 3, 2016.  Thank you to everyone who came out and voted.

The following people were voted in for the 2016 CHSA Board of Directors:

Vice President: Todd Singelyn

Director of Signature: Michelle Peterson

Director of Coaches: Scott Rangel

​Director of Player Equipment: Kate Rinker

Director of Scheduling: Derek Anderson 

For a full list of the 2016 CHSA Board of Directors, please click here


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