Youth Programs




Boca OC-CHSA Revamping Programs to Further the Development of All Youth Players in the Community

Boca OC and CHSA have made a commitment to the youth players and families in our community to provide the best experience and opportunities for all of our players.  This season we will be incorporating our Youth Programs that will help every player in CHSA grow and develop in the right playing and training environment. 


The Youth Programs will consist of the following:

Tiny Tots:  This program is designed for all players between the ages of 2 -4 years old. Each player will learn proper coordination and body movements/mechanics in a fun age-appropriate soccer environment. The Tiny-Tots will only practice one day a week.  Tiny-Tots will be open to all players.  This will be a great initiation into the wonderful game of soccer.

Wednesdays or Fridays

4 pm to 5 pm


Grassroots Academy:  This program is designed for all players between the ages of 5 – 9 years of age. The Grassroots Academy will focus on individually improving players in the four components of the game (technical, tactical, physical, and social-emotional) in a challenging environment. Players will be placed in groups based on their current playing level.  The Grassroots Academy will have a session a week.

Wednesdays or Fridays

5 pm to 6 pm


Sessions runs for 8 weeks

$80 per session (a session is one class per week - choose Wednesday or Friday)

Classes start Wednesday, May 5th 2021

All classes held at El Rancho Charter School


If you have any specific questions about our Youth Programs please email us at


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