Inside CHSA

THE CANYON HILLS SOCCER ASSOCIATION (CHSA) is one of the largest and most successful youth sports organizations in North Orange County with over 1,200 soccer players and 100 teams with ages from 4 to 19, CHSA continues to promote soccer in the Anaheim Hills area as a inexpensive and fun youth program, in a safe and positive environment.

There are 3 levels of soccer, and Canyon Hills Soccer Association (CHSA) has all 3 levels; (1) Recreation level, (2) Signature level – our team name is “Canyon United” (3) competitive Club level- BOCA OC


is the core and the foundation of our league, and is what the majority of our kids play in. The emphasis is on fun, learning basics, being apart of a team, and more fun. Anyone regardless of skill level can play. Starts at age 4, and continues ‘til about 14 years old. 10 to 12 regular season games, played from September – November. Practice 1-2 times per week. Everybody plays at least 75% of game. Cost - $125

Signature (Canyon United) 

is an in-between level, starts at the U9 age group.  It is made up of typically 1or 2 teams per age group; it is a competitive level that competes with local cities (Brea, YL, Anaheim, Fullerton, etc.). But their schedule and commitment is not as demanding as Club. The goal is to provide an intermediary playing level that better prepares players, parents, and coaches for the transition from recreational play to competitive club play. There are a number of rules that are unique to the Signature League such as a 50% play rule for all players, a $350 (Fall Season) limit on the annual financial responsibility of the players, and a limitation on distance of travel. Canyon United will be having try-outs in January. Dates of tryouts will be posted on our website and emailed to you as soon as they are firm.  For more information about Canyon United and the Signature program please click here.

Club (BOCA OC)

is the most competitive level available.  The BOCA OC program is for the serious soccer player and is designed for accelerated player development, trained by highly qualified professional trainers. BOCA OC has yearly try-outs, usually in February, but most team's managers can be contacted for their individual teams open practice days starting in December. Most teams play a number tournaments in addition to their regular season. BOCA OC prides itself on offering its families and players an excellent development program and is dedicated to instilling the love of soccer and creating winners on and off the field. The club is also committed to offering families a cost effective place to play but not sacrificing the develoment or the love of the game. 

All of the other quality organizations in our surrounding cities are set up like CHSA, with all 3 levels (Brea, JUSA, OJSC), but there are some organizations in our area that only have the competitive side; with no early developmental side, lacking Recreational & Signature options. Those clubs are forced to try and go out and recruit and convince kids/parents to leave their current city league and join a new club.

We know that parents want what is best for their kids, and we want to make sure that our Canyon Hills families are making informed decisions and are educated on what our league here at CHSA can provide.  For more information about BOCA OC and the Club program please click here