Player Cards

Prior to the start of the season, Cal South player cards, aka player pass, will be given to coaches or team managers.  There is an individual card for each player, coach, asst coach and team coordinator/manager.  Player cards are required starting in the u9/u10 divisions.  These cards will need to be laminated and put on a single ring.  These cards are to be at every game.  Failure to bring the cards may result in a forfeit.

Lost cards can be reprinted by our CHSA Registrar, and will incur a $5.00 reprint  fee per card.  Please contact the CHSA Registrar- Director of Registration for questions concerning player cards.  

  • Advance notice is required for the re-print of cards.
  • If a card is needed for the weekend, please contact the Registrar ASAP, email requests received after Wednesday at 9pm CANNOT be guaranteed for a weekend game or tournament. Please send your email request for a card reprint to the League Registrar.
    • Email requests must include:
      • Date needed
      • Player's full, legal name
      • Current or past coach/team
      • Reason for reprint
      • And the requestors phone number
  • Card can also be re-printed at the local Cal South office in Fullerton.  They are available M-F 8am to 6pm.