Field Information

CHSA is privileged to use the athletic fields that belong to the City of Anaheim.  We are guests and have fostered a good reputation with the City in taking care of our fields and parks.  Every season CHSA petitions the City for our field permits, and we must respect their conditions of use.  The City Park Rangers make the determination of whether a field is "playable" in bad weather.  When a field is "CLOSED," that means "NO USE."  

Additionally, some of our fields border local elementary schools, and we will close a field out of respect for a school event.

The City of Anaheim Mudline is 714 765-5242   The Mudline is typically updated by 7:15am on Saturdays and by 3pm on the weekdays.

Phone: 714 765 5242

CHSA Field Responsibilities

Field Equipment Bins

Soccer Field Diagram