Game Schedules

Game Schedules for Fall 2019 will be posted after Labor Day.

First games are Saturday, September 7, 2019

 2018 Referee Fees (u10, u12, u14)

 How to Print Game Cards

REFEREE FEES (U10, U12, U14)

Please remember to have these ready at all games, and to have exact amounts.  Please confirm the fees paid vs the number of refs for each game (3 vs 1).  Do not overpay a ref, if you only have 1 ref.  Remember each team pays the referee their portion.

MATCH REPORT, aka Game Cards, aka Score Card  (U10, U12, U14)

**This info may be different for U14 and GU12***

A team admin will print the match report before each game.  The match reports are available off the scheduling link one game at a time.  Each team should bring 3 copies (that is just soccer etiquette).  Instructions on how to print a match report are attached below.


A team admin will input the score in the same area as you printed the match report.

Please enter game scores within 24 hours.  Soccer etiquette would dictate the home team is obligated to enter the score, best practice is that the winning team is usually the first to enter a score.  None the less, please enter the scores within 24 hours.