Coaches & Managers

Coaches & Managers

Manager Binder

Every team manager is required to put together a binder of all important information to have with the team at all times- including a copy of an official county birth certificate and a signed copy of the Cal South Player Registration/Medical Release form.

Player Cards

All cards are good for 1 year- August 1  to July 31.  The cost of a card is $30.  A Fall card is included with each player’s commitment AND registration with CHSA.  New season cards will be distributed by August and before Fall league play begins.  All cards are to be laminated and on a single ring.

If they played with CHSA, under rec, signature or club, they should be able to get their Fall card from their Fall team coach or manager. Reprints for players from within CHSA (rec, sig or club) are available for $5.00 ea.  A request for a reprint can be made by emailing the Registrar.

Adding Players

Please contact the Registrar regarding adding players.