How does my child go about qualifying to play soccer?

There are no special requirements for your child to play soccer.  The only requirement is that they be at least 5 years old as of midnight July 31st, of the year of registration.

Where would his/her practice sessions be held?

Practices will be held at one of our local fields.  Once a child is placed on a team, his/her coach will request a field and time to practice on.

How often would he/she be attending practice and how long do the practice sessions last?

This will vary depending on age.  The younger divisions, specifically clinic will practice once a week.  The older divisions will start out practicing twice a week which can change to once a week after daylight savings ends.

If my child does qualify to be on a team, how many games would he/she be playing in?

This is somewhat dependent on how many children sign up to play.  We strive to have a minimum of 10 games per season.

What equipment would we have to buy and what is the cost?

Equipment cost is minimal.  Your child would be required to  wear cleats and shin guards.  The purchase of a ball is optional.  The cost will vary; a ballpark figure would be roughly $30-$40.

How long is the typical soccer season?

Practices typically start in the beginning of August with the last game sometime in the middle of November.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Request must be in writing to Area registrar Prior to deadline. Please be sure to include recipients name and address (E-mail is OK)

100% refund will be granted until May 31 and checks will be issued on June 1st.
25% refund will be granted from June 1 to July15 and checks will be issued August 1st.
No refund given after July 15
Late Registrants waive ALL rights to refunds (registered after May 31)


Can my child play on the same team as his friend?

At the clinic level (under 6) yes, you can request that your child play on the same team as a friend.  Depending on availability, these requests are usually honored.  But nothing is guaranteed.  All other age groups are subject to a draft and players will be selected and placed on a team.

Can my child play with a neighbor/friend for carpool reason?

See above answer.  All divisions above clinic hold a draft.  Your child will be placed on a team based on this draft; NO exceptions are made for carpool/friend circumstances.

What sets CHSA apart from other leagues?

THE CANYON HILLS SOCCER ASSOCIATION (CHSA) is one of the largest and most successful youth sports organizations in North Orange County with over 1,200 soccer players and 100 teams with ages from 5 to 19, CHSA continues to promote soccer in the Anaheim Hills area as a inexpensive and fun youth program, in a safe and positive environment.
The CHSA Soccer Program begins with our innovative program to introduce soccer to our youngest players, 5-10 years old. This development program combines learning in a positive environment and the excitement of league play through small-sided games. Our program operates under the simple belief that kids learn by playing. Every player is guaranteed playing at a minimum 75 % of the time. It is CHSA's goal to create a developmentally age appropriate and fun-filled environment where children will be provided with a solid foundation to enjoy the game of soccer for many years to come.

How can I see if I registered correctly and if my child's registration is complete?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that your registration is complete.


How can I tell if my child is already registered (I did not get a confirmation or can't remember)?

E-mail the director of registration

My child will still be 4 on July 31 but is ready to play, what can we do?

Consult the age matrix on the CHSA website.  A player who turns 4 prior to August 1st is eligible to play in the U5/U6 age division.  This is the clinic division of CHSA.

My child played last year, but I can't log in as a returning family.

Every new season requires that you set up a new adult user account.  The system will not accept last year’s user info for the coming year.

Do I really need to submit a birth certificate?

All players registering for the first time must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate, or other valid proof of age, an emergency card and parental release and photo (if required) to qualify for registration.

Birth Certificates will be kept on file and will not be required in subsequent years, unless notified.

Can my child play up - i.e. play on a team of older players?

Parents can request that their player “play up” to the next division. This is done by sending an email to the Director of Registration or Director of Coach's prior to registering for the upcoming season. Requests are considered on an individual, case by case basis. There is NO guarantee that the request will be granted.

Where does the money from the registration fee go?

Uniforms, pictures, participation awards (i.e. trophies or medals) and general operating expenses.

Can my child play down?

For insurance reasons, no child is allowed to play down.

Beside the registration fee are there any other fees?

In addition to registration fees, teams also have a team fee.  The amount is determined by each team and includes but is not limited to ref fees, banner, lettering on jerseys and team parties.


How can I figure out what division my child will be playing in?

On our homepage located on the left side you will find a link titled Forms & Docs.  Click on the link and then click on number five, Age Matrix.

When will I hear from my child’s coach?

Typically within a few weeks after the draft.  The draft takes place in late July early August.

Can I request a certain practice day and time?

CHSA is not equipped to accommodate practice requests.  The place and time for practices will be determined by the coach and league scheduler.

Do I have to register online?

No.  You can either register online or at one of several walk up registrations that are held prior to the season starting.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Many questions can be answered by looking at our coaches manual under “Forms and Docs” on our web page.