The BOCA OC Culture

We Are Boca OC!  We Develop Winners!

There is a lot of talk today regarding which characteristic clubs prioritize, development or winning?  At Boca Orange County, we don’t prioritize on one or the other; we create an environment where one facilitates the other.  We create a consistent training environment for players to develop, while competing to win. We value the fact that kids will have to compete and work for the things they say they want as they grow older (a spot in a college, to become a part of the three percent who play a sport in college, want to be a part of the less than one percent that play a professional sport, or to become great at any facet of life (read Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code).  We believe without establishing a discipline and work ethic in a competitive environment, no one is able to accomplish anything worthwhile. Does it really matter if we win every drill? No. But does competing to win matter? Yes. We strive to create a consistent training environment where it matters to compete and to create a culture (individuals, teams, and a club) that pulls in the same direction.  That has the same beliefs. 

Coaches, parents, and even young athletes (who take their cues from adults) often forget the purpose of competition. They look at professional sports, which is a business – winning and losing translates into dollars and cents – and lose perspective. Competition at the youth level is imperative because it challenges oneself to see… Am I disciplined or do I just intend to be? Am I a team player or do I hope the starter screws up so I can play more? Do I panic? Am I Selfish? Do I have physical courage? The real aspects to take from participating in soccer are: being able to get to know a group of people well, develop a kind of discipline, be goal oriented, figure out how to work with others, recognize communication is a two-way street (talking AND listening), create a cooperative working environment, and ultimately, to choose to be extraordinary. And when we fail – and this is inevitable, it’s not meant to keep us from something, but to see how bad we really want something. 

This is our culture!